Ask Inkwell: Why won’t anyone talk to me?

February 28 by

Is your blog an echo chamber?

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Quote: Terrible ideas

February 23 by

Terrible ideas…

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Resource Roundup: Where to find blog post ideas

February 21 by

Need blog post ideas or article prompts? We have got you covered…

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The Difference Between Forcing and Allowing Inspiration

February 18 by

Many times we try to force ourselves to be inspired.  From my perspective, that rarely works.  But, if we’re willing to allow inspiration – it comes. “What’s the difference?” you might ask.  Well, let me see if I can explain. Forcing is trying to make something happen that doesn’t want to happen. When we try to force inspiration, it becomes elusive.  We sit and struggle with the words, or with the pencil, the brush, the project, the whatever.  We can’t get started because we think there’s no spark.  Or we start something just to become frustrated because it doesn’t come easily. I knew I wanted to write a post about inspiration.  So, I sat down at the computer, and opened a document.  The cursor blinked at me.  And blinked at me.  I started trying...

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Quote: The second best time

February 16 by

Then or now? Which can you control?

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Ask Inkwell: How do I keep ideas or words flowing?

February 14 by

Doing something visually offbeat, especially something I can see often as I go through the day keeps me centered in my creative nature, and therefore, keeps my creativity flowing.

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