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We use Meetup to organize our events. It’s completely free to join, and offers a student discussion board, forums with lists of resources and opportunities, maps to class venues, and much more. Seats for each class are available on a first-come, first-served basis — once they’re full, they’re full.  Click this link to sign up!




Blogging Intensive


This two-hour intensive will be a group brainstorming session where we talk about how to find, connect with, and keep readers, and how to know what to write about in the first place.

You’ll hear tips and tricks from us, but then also dig deep into why you, personally, are blogging at all — and what your readers will naturally expect from you. We’re going to do some exercises together and give you a lot to think about.


You are invited no matter your level of blogging experience, whether:

•   You already have an established blog,

•   You have a dusty blog and don’t know what to do next,

•   You keep being told you should really get a blog, or

•   You wonder what a blog is and why you need one at all.


You will leave with:

•  Knowledge of the one secret ingredient that ALL successful blogs have

•  Specific, personal suggestions for your toughest blog issues,

•  Extensive worksheets to help you decide and meet your own goals,

•   A free ebook and case study on collaborative blogging,

•   An infosheet containing tips and resources, and

•   Practical tips you can take home and use immediately!




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