Inkwell Basics is the brainchild of Cathy Lynn and Tracy Lucas, two experienced bloggers who come from different walks of life but share a passion for teaching.  Cathy brings twenty years as a trainer and facilitator to the table, and Tracy brings nine years of professional publishing and marketing experience. Both are seasoned bloggers, writers, and speakers who have seen what works and what doesn’t in the classroom.

The goal in launching Inkwell Basics is to bring real-world, practical business knowledge to students (from layman to executive) in a friendly, non-intimidating way. There is a way to cover all the bases without being overwhelming; to explain the jargon without being exclusionary or snobbish.

You can, indeed, learn without getting lost.

When you leave an Inkwell Basics session, you should walk away feeling motivated, inspired, and more knowledgeable than when you arrived. You will have a list of things you can do, an idea of what to watch out for, and a new outlook on what matters most — your own goals and professional voice.


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Cathy Lynn is a blogger, writer, and facilitator. Her current projects include Me First, By Myself (a blog on meaningful single living), a fiction manuscript, and a self-worth column at Women’s Life Link.  She previously blogged at 3 Shared Paths and has been blogging for ten years. Her classroom focus is on simplified explanations and intentional choices. Her specialty is helping students find their boundaries and goals, and outlining practical steps to reach those goals in the best way possible. Cathy lives in Nashville with two fur-babies and way too many book ideas.



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Tracy Lucas is the owner of Four Square Creative (a book editing and design firm), editor at Smash Cake Press, and blogger at Tracy Lucas. As a freelancer, she has written and published more than one hundred and fifty pieces for print, web, radio, and stage. Her classroom focus is on meeting people where they are. She strives to make sure students feel comfortable to ask the questions and seek the answers they really need without fear of judgment. Tracy lives near Nashville with her husband and three children, and doesn’t know how to drive past an office supply store without stopping.