Resource Roundup: Writing and publishing

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Resource Roundup: Writing and publishing

This Resource Roundup revolves around writing and publishing.

As individual writers, it’s hard to know who to turn to and where to go for help. So we did some digging for you! Here are a few of the places on the web we recommend if you’re seeking more information on writing and publishing.  (And while these are places we have personally found useful, please also be aware we have no material connection to these sites and are not responsible for their content.)


The Write Life Magazine

This is a digital magazine about writing designed for smartphones and tablets, but is also available for reading on your computer through an emailed link (I personally have both.)  As one reader put it, “It’s like cerebral dessert for writers.”  It covers a plethora of topics about writing, and the lifestyles we create to be writers.  From coffee shops to favorite foods, from interviews with authors to new words for “awesome,” this is definitely a feast magazine for writers by writers.  Published the first week of every month and right now, it’s free.


Underground Book Reviews

Underground Book Reviews offers a variety of information on books that you might not normally see, but that they believe are worth reading.  They have articles about writing and publishing that focus on mishaps and how to do it right.  There is also a section under “Suggested Reading” called “Pitch Perfect Picks.”  These books have what they consider great original titles and covers.  It’s definitely a place where author food for thought is abundant.

Through Underground Book Reviews I found Aimee L. Salter:


Living the Write Life

Aimee is a self-published author and blogger.  Her debut novel was released in November of 2013, and she is now committed to sharing her experiences writing, publishing, and marketing the novel.  Her blogging style is straight to the point, engaging, and easy to read.  For writers, she also has a critiquing club.


Poets & Writers “Tools for Writers” section

If you write creative pieces or poetry, you may find a home for your words by using the Poets & Writers database of literary magazines and publications. There are also articles, reviews, and places to look up grant opportunities, MFA programs, agents, employment ads, and conferences. They’re one of the top respected trade magazines for writers, and the website has plenty of good resources.


Writer’s Digest

This is another solid trade magazine within the publishing field. The magazine comes full of inspirational stories, writing strategies, industry news, and contest alerts. The website has many of these articles online, plus daily writing prompts, forums, and more. (Bonus tip: they offer a download titled “101 Best Websites for Writers” for free if you sign up for their email newsletter.) Writer’s Digest also gathers every publishing house and agent they know of in annual listings called Writer’s Markets, which are expensive, but very useful if you nab the market listing for your specific genre.


Poynter Institute

I signed up for Poynter’s newsletter years and years ago, and I’ve been fan ever since. They offer precise, real-world advice and how-tos for writers and journalists — and many of their tips and practices would work for bloggers, too.  They also cover new trends in journalism, important information laws and cases, and highlights of what’s going on in the media in general. For the writing how-tos, check out this section.


Please leave your comment below telling us any other sites you know to be worth sharing!

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