Whose boundary is it, anyway?

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Whose boundary is it, anyway?

What about yourself are you willing to share with thousands of strangers?

This is a question all bloggers, first time or seasoned, must answer every time they sit down to write a post. Though one of the key elements of writing a blog is connection, determining exactly how far you’ll go with sharing to make that connection is important. And it’s best done before you write your first post.

Because whose boundary it is anyway?  YOURS!

Deciding what your informational boundaries are helps you keep private the things that are important to you, and helps you keep your blog focused on what your audience comes to read.

Some boundaries to consider are:

1. Religious beliefs: This can be a very hot topic, and it tends to push buttons for a lot of people. If your blog is focused on this topic, then, by all means be as open, nice or controversial as you want to be. Your particular religious flavor and writings are what people come to read. Even so, you’ll want to consider how much of your belief system you want to put out there for scrutiny, debate, and comment. If your blog is focused on photography, precious few people coming to read it are going to care or want to know about your particular religious views.

2. Politics: See religious beliefs above. If I’m following a blog about cats, and that writer suddenly goes on a rant about politics, it’s going to throw me off. It’s going to make me question if I’m still going to get the same quality information about cats I was getting.

3. Family: Family is a highly personal aspect of life. Consider how much you really want your audience to know about your kids, your spouse, significant other, parents, etc. Do you want to share their names? Ages? School systems? Place of employment? Probably not. An anecdotal story about your kid’s antics might be fun to write and entertaining to read – but know before you write it how much you’re willing to share about your family. And make sure you can tie it back into a tightly focused blog topic.

Boundaries are an important part of your blogging journey. These are just a few you’ll need to think about.

As always, we’d love to hear from you and how you came up with your own boundaries.

How did you decide them?


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