Ask Inkwell: Help! I’m not an expert!

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Ask Inkwell: Help! I’m not an expert!

What makes me qualified to talk about anything?  I’m not an expert!

Jack of All, Master of None


Before I answer this question, let me ask one:

Who is more qualified to talk about how you experience something than you?

Enough said?  Well, maybe not.

We all experience things and do things in our unique fashion.  Sometimes we discover a better method of doing something, sometimes we just commiserate with others.  Either way, it gives us a place to start expressing from.

I love cats.  I love the way they focus on things as they play.  I love the way their shoulders roll beneath their slinky skin as they go into stealth mode.  I can talk to you all day about the things I see them do, or the way they make my life a little better and more amusing every day.  I am an expert on my own experiences with cats.  BUT, I am not an expert on cats!

Get the difference?

When you speak from your own experiences, then you are the ONLY expert.

Show us the things you love, you hate, you want to know more about.  Read up on what you’re interested in.  Share the five things you like best about Popsicles in the summer time.  Give us your tried and true method of attracting hummingbirds.  Explain till your heart is content what you think happened on the day JFK was assassinated.  They’re your thoughts.  It’s your experience.  It’s your expertise.

Cathy Lynn

About Cathy Lynn

Cathy Lynn is an artist, writer, executive trainer, and the co-owner of Inkwell Basics. She has published two coloring books, Conscious Coloring and Carnal Coloring. She's currently working on a novel, and turning her farm into an event venue. She previously blogged at 3 Shared Paths, a personal growth blog that was read worldwide, and has been blogging for over 10 years. She lives somewhere between the city and the country with her three cats, Sebastian, Miss Kitty, and Ella.

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